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The One4All portal was designed to streamline data validation and formatting tasks. Its primary function is to read a set of rules from a ‘CSV’ or ‘Excel’ file to validate a dataset.

The package functions and Validator Tool also aid in creating valid ‘Excel’ files with conditional formatting based on specified rules, making it easier to identify and manage inconsistencies in data. Overall, the One4All portal aims to enhance data validation and management processes for a more efficient and accurate workflow.

Additionally, the One4All package has a variety of functionality and has been integrated in the Data Visualization Tool and the Microplastic Image Explorer, both available for use in this repository (see below).


One4All is available from CRAN and GitHub.

Get the released version from CRAN:


Or the development version from GitHub:

# install.packages("remotes")

Getting Started


Users can run each of the tools using this function and replacing the app name:

run_app(app = "validator")
run_app(app = "data_visualization")
run_app(app = "microplastic_image_explorer")

Data Validator

Data validation is essential before sharing data widely. The functionality of the Validator Tool is based on the One4All package CRAN version Website.

If using the web app: - Go to - The code for the app is in /inst/apps/validator.

Data Visualization

The Data Visualization Tool integrates shared data from the Validator Tool to visually represent it, allowing users to analyze data through maps, plots, and tables. The code for the app is in /inst/apps/data_visualization. - To get started with the tool, go to

Microplastic Image Explorer

The Microplastic Image Explorer allows users to query microplastic images from our database by applying filters. Users can select more than one filter, ranging from citation, color, morphology, and/or polymer. The code for the app is in /inst/apps/microplastic_image_explorer. - To get started with the tool, go to

Additional Instructions

Access the pkgdown and vignettes here:


Contributions to One4All are welcome!


One4All is released under the MIT License. Please see the license file for more information.